15 JANUARY – 1 MAY 2022

Artipelagstigen 1
134 40 Gustavsberg

In spring 2022 Danish contemporary artist Tal R (b. 1967) will exhibit sculptures and drawings at Artipelag. The exhibition Vrångsidan contains two parts, one consisting of sculptures in plaster and bronze, and the other part of drawings in charcoal and chalk.

Tal R has made himself known for his colorful palette and playful expression. His world of ideas holds a circular time perspective in a constant interplay between contemporary and historical perspectives. In his art you can find knowledge from science, but just as often also fictional representations. It is this strange mixture of facts and fairy tale, this duality, that gave the show its title: Vrångsidan.

About 100 drawings in charcoal and chalk have been installed on a wall. The motivational starting point of the drawings include everything from children-drawings to masterpieces reminiscent of the great modernists. They appear as what C G Jung called archetypes: they cut through our civilization, independent of cultural differences. Tal R merges these archetypes into their very own world of images.

In Artipelag's art gallery 35 sculptures in plaster and bronze are on display. These two categories may seem very different from each other, but they are an exciting contrast. The plaster is of a more playful character while the bronze has a more historical appearance. 

The exhibition opens on Saturday 15 January 2022 and will be shown until 1 May 2022.

Please click on image to see more installation views.