Daily Plinth: Tal R is just like a bird

“I am just like a bird. I just look at these things superficially. Because actually I need them in a different way. There’s for me no difference between a cheap toy or old china ceramic – it’s all the same.” —Tal R

Opening on the occasion of Gallery Weekend BerlinContemporary Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition by Tal R, Jew Cherry, Clown and Congo, his 13th solo exhibition with CFA, April 27 through June 1, 2019. In this video, CFA visits with Tal R in his Copenhagen studio while he prepares for his exhibition.

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TAL R : this is not Detroit at MOCAD

The intricate, multipart installation manifests the artist’s fantasy of Detroit, acting as a meditation on dream places, identity, and whimsy. Seven large-scale paintings, rendered in a rich and moody palate of blues, depict the artist’s vision of specific Detroit neighborhoods he has never visited.
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